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Small Business Marketing Advice For You

The majority of small business owners are specialists in their chosen business. However, not all of them are professionals in their marketing. As a result, many don’t know about the subtle distinction between Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing. So, in order to give marketing advice for small business owners, let’s break it down …

Strategic marketing is the content of your message. It’s what you say and how you state it, including the concepts that you decide to focus on, the images and words you utilise to interweave those ideas, and the tone in which the message is delivered.

Tactical marketing on the other hand, relates to the execution of the strategic marketing, such as putting advertisements, brochures, developing a website, participating in trade convention, social networks etc

The best ways to make those techniques work, to attract customers and increase sales is to employ a digital marketing agency to set up your marketing campaign.

There are 6 key aspects to a successful strategic marketing campaign:

1. Market Position

Let’s not be polite about this. You need to blow away your competition by making your business clearly be the very best option that everyone in your space could choose.

Only choose successful methods if you want impressive results. No more wasted cash with marketing methods you might have seen on a random 5 minute youtube video. Instead, choose to establish your business in a market leading position.

It is all down to positioning – Ask yourself, “Why should your ideal prospect select you over all the other individuals or organisations who do what you do?” In other words, “What is your Unique Selling Point?”

Most small business owners give very little thought to their positioning, but when you work to get it just right, you will see huge benefits. As a result, you will start to see more of your ideal clients knocking at you door AND you can start charging what you are worth.

Incrementally increasing your prices over time creates an an enormously beneficial impact on your earnings, your quality of life and your overall level of happiness. Isn’t that what this is all about after all?

2. Target audience 

Who is your ideal client – aka you target consumer?

Your marketing will not get any success unless you target those customers who want what you have actually got to offer. No point trying to sell beefburgers to vegans. Why would you offer pet care to someone without an animal?

In other words, be clear that not everyone is going to be your ideal target audience, nor would you want them to be. You will squander time on you marketing efforts and be throwing away money if you don’t know your target market  intimately. Take time to come to know your ideal client and what he or she would most desire in any given situation.

This ‘ideal client’, this ‘perfect customer’ is often referred to as your avatar. Speak to Sam Deane about zero-ing in on your avatar. The more you intrinsically know your avatar, the more you will speak directly to that individual, and as a result, the more success you will see with your marketing.

3. Message

Your marketing needs to successfully engage your target market and speak directly to their problems, disappointments, etc. I don’t want to sound ruthless, but in marketing terms, your customer’s painpoints are also their hot button. You are there to solve their problem in that area – ie your role is to take away their pain in that area.

However, you won’t be successful unless you agitate that pain point a little so they are reminded of just how important it is to resolve this issue that you can solve. Address their problem in a compelling manner, in language they are familiar with, using a message designed to attract them and only them. Then, keep them engaged with the solution you offer.

4. Media

Where is your audience most frequently to be found in amongst all of the many and various media outlets? Did you know that some people only ever go to Facebook for their whole online experience? Did you know that many people don’t use google and instead they search YouTube for their answers? Maybe you might be asking, “What’s Google?”

If so, trust me, that really does not matter. So long as you know where your audience are, you will be just fine. So first steps first. When you understand WHO they are, then you can find out WHERE they are, and what kinds of media they prefer. Of course, once you have all that info dialled in, you can then put your message right in front of them to attract them to your offer.

Just don’t be put off or overwhelmed. Online and social media may be the buzzwords of today, but they are each of them still simply another ‘media’.

Don’t get lazy and assume you know which media is their favourite. Do due dilligence on your audience. It will pay you back immensely. Get to know who and where your customer is and that way you will start seeing massive improvements in your return on investment in terms of marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business5. Your Offer

OK. So you know your audience. You know what they like and where they like to hang out. Now you need to have a great offer. Yes, but what is that great offer? Presenting a fly-fishing book to someone who lives in the Sahara desert is not going to be a great offer, regardless of how great the information and the images in the book are. By offering a product that solves your clients problems, you begin to have a good offer.

If you can then develop value in the deal to get the highest rates instead of cutting prices to get individuals to purchase. Can you bundle things together to create an even better deal? Offer incredible, related bonuses. Provide assurances as to the quality of your product in terms of testimonials and social proof … There are many things you can do to increase the perceived value of your product or service.

6. Referrals and Testimonials

We are now living in an age where people’s opinions matter. In fact, they really matter.  Before making a purchase, these days most savvy online shoppers are going to look for the most trusted reviews of the product. Once purchased, often folk these days will look to post their own opinions about items in order to help their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions.

Take a look at the layout on any Amazon sales page and what do you see more than anything? Reviews! A recent survey said that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as individual recommendations. Apparently 90% of people check out business evaluations before they visit a business.

Online reviews and personal evaluations can be the most reliable marketing media for your business. In fact I know of one or two websites where the only sales related content these pages have is the presentation of their testimonials and reviews. Third party opinions are perceived as being highly trustworthy in most people’s minds. Testimonials and reviews will get you seen online. They build an exceptional level of trust with your audience and ultimately this type of ‘content’ will improve your website’s sales figures.

We have now slid on in to the subject of reputation management, which I did not really intend to do in this article. So let’s simply finish by saying that, in order to maximise your social proof, look to garner great reviews and place them all over your social media properties. Make sure you are posting these third party opinions where you know your audience is most likely to be.

Go to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ etc etc. I personally would suggest you set up a simple method for syndicating your social media posting. That way with just one or two clicks you can go out to all your social media properties. If you don’t know how to do that, just as the team at HealthMarketers (yes, we can do that for you).

Don’t stop there though. Constantly be on the look out for more places to reach out to your audience. For business, you would always want to post content inside LinkedIn. Check out Tumblr, Instagram, reddit, stumble upon, quora, medium, and so, so many others! Google loves this and improves your rankings because of it. Meanwhile, this type of social media content campaign establishes your authority and at the same time reaches out to a wider audience.

Create a buzz and watch how many others start to take notice and come over to find out what all the fuss is about! Yes, let us know if you want a Done For You solution in that area. If so, you are assured, we have got you covered.


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