HealthMarketers Pricing:

google and facebook


At HealthMarketers, we are as transparent as possible so there is no smoke and mirrors. You get what we promise you and we offer these things at pre-set prices so there is no misunderstandings and everyone is happy. 🙂


Here is the menu and prices for our current set of services.

All of the following is based on a minimum 3-month contract.

Facebook Ads Management – £1,500 per month

SEO Management – £1,500 per month

BUNDLE (Set up fee included) :

FB + SEO – £2,750 per month


3-Pack GMB Local Marketing –  £350 per month (minimum 3-month contract)

Video Marketing – Rank 30 for £1,000

Press Release – £350 per month  (minimum 3-month contract)

All other requests to be discussed – including:

Natural traffic flow,

Ranking in the google autosuggest drop down menu,