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LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation London

5-7 Qualified Leads Per Week?

With No Ad Spend?

… Can That Even Be Possible?

LinkedIn Lead Generation –

No Idea How To Generate New High-End Clients For Your Business?

– Work With HealthMarketers On LinkedIn Lead Generation

And We Will Fix That Problem Right Away!

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About LinkedIn lead generation:- Do you want reliably to generate an ever-increasing number of new ideal, targeted prospects for you and your sales team to talk with every week?

…and when I say ‘every week’, I’m not joking!

Imagine personally generating 100’s of new clients into your business using this method, thereby generating £10’s of £1,000’s of pounds for your business. New clients are the lifeblood of any business and being able to turn the flow of new business coming in to your business is seen by most of my clients as being like a dream come true.

How do we do this? With LinkedIn Lead Generation!

How can a business achieve this level of success? We support you in obtaining these results by leveraging what can only be described as the most powerful, and probably the most overlooked and underused business tool ever …We use LinkedIn.

Before you say, “Yes, I tried that and it didn’t work” … trust me on this … For a very low total outlay (we are talking – hardly any amount of money whatsoever here!), you too will find that LinkedIn is an absolute gold mine for you and your business, as it has been for untold numbers of other businesses before you..

Here’s what everyone is missing … and this truly is your biggest advantage right now. You see, human beings are herd animals, and at this time, the herd is absolutely obsessed with Facebook.

Faceboook! Facebook! Facebook!

As a result, LinkedIn has entirely gone off everybody’s radar … but take note! It surely won’t stay that way forever. … And therein lies your opportunity … your HUGE opportunity – if you ACT NOW!

You see, if past experience is anything to go by, you can be sure that, as soon as word gets out, the herd will stampede and the opportunity will be gone.

It’s like the old penny clicks on Adwords back in the day … Do you remember that? Early adopters made an absolute fortune. Meanwhile, the whole herd got squashed flat.

So here’s the thing, the most important piece to take away from all this. Facebook is NOT a B2B platform.

B2C? Yes, Business to Consumer can work. If you’re selling fluffy toys to teenagers, then go for it. Facebook will serve you well, but CEO’s and Directors of Industry? Do you really think you’re going to reach the Director Of Online Security for a major international bank through a gimmicky little Facebook Ad? Come on! As John McEnroe might say, “You cannot be SERIOUS!”

Let’s face it. Facebook is not the place to connect with serious heavy hitters and main players. Decision makers looking for your type of services? You don’t need to have a sweaty headband on to recognise that we need to get serious on this matter.

Let’s take another example shall we? Let’s look at dentists! Here in the UK, it has been estimated that there are roughly 50,000 dentists in the UK. Let’s say, for example, that the dentist’s profession is one that your business wants to target as, for you, dentists are hot prospects. OK, now consider this … How many of those dentists out there do you think are going to click on a Facebook messenger ad? At 254 x 133 pixels? That’s smaller than a matchbox!

I can tell you the answer because I’ve tried it, and believe me, I’ve lost enough money on Facebook ads to know the precise and exact actual answer … It’s ‘practically none’!

Start Generating B2B Leads Today!

What LinkedIn Lead Generation Can Do

With LinkedIn on the other hand, virtually every one of the 50,000 Dentists in the UK are on there and they’re all directly contactable through LinkedIn.

So let’s get ‘down and dirty’, so to speak. Let’s talk about what’s possible for you in terms of generating new business for your business in the near future.

Adwords – £20+ per click plus crazy competition from your competitors who are all willing to charge less than you and spend more in order to steal your ideal client out from under your nose? (At £20 per click you can probably keep them!)

Facebook – OK, I admit, that yes Facebook can work but you’re using a hammer to drive in a screw here. Facebook works a treat for e-commerce, shopify and stuff like that as well as many other areas, but it’s not the best tool for high end lead generation and client prospecting. It’s just not the ideal method for you.

You will also often have to factor in a huge ad spend cost and then there is A LOT of maintenance to keep a campaign running effectively. That’s not to mention the stacks and stacks of Facebook ads training programs to buy. You will have noticed no doubt that they are not cheap! Either you’re paying from your own pocket or someone will need to pass those costs on to you as your Facebook ads campaign manager. (Just sayin’ … !) Now, do you remember that ‘herd’ we were talking about earlier? Talk about competition? Is this really where you’re going to put all your eggs? … Really?

Now on to the much beloved (by some) Direct Mail – Love it! It works great but there’s a some major drawback. It’s so very expensive to set up and also extremely labour intensive. You have to buy a list which is most likely crap and often really way too expensive … or it’s a matter of building the list yourself which is time consuming. Then, you probably will need to go to a mailing house anyway – again, big bucks or you’ll be on the ‘peel and stick’ all day long…. not so much fun!

LinkedIn Lead GenerationHow about Email Marketing? My advice is, do NOT buy any email list. Do NOT spend money on any fancy mailing platforms, because my friend EMAIL IS DYING. We mail from four different platforms and all of them right now are struggling to get through the heavily over-managed Gmail filters (especially with the new Gmail update that’s just happened).

If you fancy sending 20,000 emails to get one or two responses, then that is fair enough. After the recent “GDPR day”, it is clear that the laws in this area are getting tougher and tougher. Sadly, response rates are low and getting lower. This is probably not a well thought out plan as anyone doing it well knows.

So, to summarise the situation, Adwords is crowded, very competitive and ultra expensive. Facebook is complex, becoming ever more expensive and has a limited B2B reach. Email marketing and direct mail have intrinsic issues that make them extremely difficult to operate successfully.

Aside from the excessive the cost and the unacceptable risk, all of these methods have one other thing in common and that is the fact you have to be a master at copy writing to even stand a slim chance of success. If you’re not an accomplished copywriter, it’s like swimming upstream, against the current, without a paddle. Now imagine the scene … you swimming upstream, against the current, without a paddle … and the rest of the herd swimming alongside you!  Well, that may seem like quite a funny picture to imagine. In reality it would not be so much fun.

Now, by way of contrast, let’s take a minute to look at LinkedIn Lead Generation.

It’s designed with the sole purpose of business professionals connecting with other business professionals to do business. It is built as a dedicated prospecting tool, for crying out loud!

If you go in looking for high end business prospects with LinkedIn and you do things right, you should already have a built in Sale Letter and a Landing Page. Yes, I am referring to a well optimised LinkedIn Profile page!

For a fuller explanation – watch this video!

Looked at from another perspective, LinkedIn lead generation has all the benefits of direct mail with none of the painful side effects. With 100% email deliverability, if you send 10,000 emails using traditional means, good luck getting that many of them read, and these days, rarely more than a handful actually into the inbox before you get shut down. With LinkedIn sending to your connections inside LinkedIn you have 100% deliverability. It’s truly amazing, and not only that, but it also totally bypasses the ever increasing spam laws in countries like Australia, Canada and the UK where nowadays you just about cannot send cold email legally.

With precision targeting, not only will LinkedIn find the exact prospect you’re looking for, down to the smallest detail, but you can also then contact them directly, all above board, legal and therefore you can expect that they welcome your message. How different is that?!

So what have I got for you today?

For those of you who want serious results and don’t want to take two years to figure out how to get them, I’m offering to do the whole LinkedIn Lead Generation process for you!

At HealthMarketers, here’s what we’ll do…

  • We’ll write your profile and headline so your account becomes a sales letter not a bedtime story to put people to sleep!
  • We’ll reach out to a minimum of 35-50 of your ideal prospects, and we will do that every day.
  • We’ll message your ideal prospects with tested proven copy that has already produced 1000’s of clients, not to mention huge amounts of additional revenue for our business. Tried and tested. No trial and error here.
  • Then we’ll follow up until they say they’re interested, or they go away.
  • You can expect roughly 3-5 qualified leads (your ideal prospects by your own definition) at a minimum, every week! These are people who have booked a call or are specifically asking you to call them directly.
  • We’ll do all of this for a set monthly fee with no ad spend and no hidden expenses.

That’s the equivalent of a sales team calling 35-50 prospects every single day! Any good business leader has simply got to clearly see that the value in what we are offering you here is truly immense.

Be aware though that LinkedIn is a use it or lose it platform. According to their strict ToS, you’re allowed to contact a set number of people every day but if you don’t do it today… that number doesn’t carry over until tomorrow.

Let’s say you’re allowed 100 per day. If you only contact 30 today you don’t get 170 tomorrow, no, you get 100 again tomorrow. So the trick is to be consistent, reliable and safe. Yes, very important to safely reach out to large numbers of your most likely warmed up prospects.

You’re maybe thinking, “I’ll do this myself, and I’m cool with that…”

OK I got it! But let’s just be honest here. Are you really going to do this everyday? I mean, seriously? Are you really, religiously going to keep doing tihs over and over, or is this just like a new year’s resolution…You’re 100% committed to this until 3 days from now when you’re not committed any more?

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Go With LinkedIn Lead Generation

As I said earlier, the key to success with LinkedIn lead generation is consistency. You can afford to focus on your business while you can kick back and let the reliable team at HealthMarketers do this work for you. We do this everyday. Not just the days when we feel like it! Not just the days when we’re not too busy to do it. We do it every day, without fail. That way, you know it’s getting done.

It all comes down to one question. Let’s look at your business as it is now. How many prospects would you like to know about you and what your business can do for them this week who didn’t know about you and what your business can do for them last week?

5? 10 at the most?

Can you see why you’re not getting the business you want?

What about if 700 people know about you this week who didn’t know about you last week? What would that look like?

What about if 2,800 know about you this month who didn’t know you last month? Are you beginning to see how you could be able to add thousands maybe even millions of pounds to your business per annum?

If you can begin to see the potential for what we are offering you here, then you should know that I’m here to help. I will implement the EXACT same process I use and do it all for you as a “Done For You” service”.

There’s a link below for you to book a call with me or my team if you know this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Now before you book, let me be clear as to what is going to happen on this call…

You are going to make a decision and it’s either going to be “YES, I want this” or “NO, this is not right for me”.

If the answer is “YES” I will expect you to move forward now…not in a few days, not in a week, not after you get back from vacation. So if you need a business partner, spouse etc, to make a decision with, please make sure they are available for the call you schedule.

Anything other than a “YES” on the call is a “NO” and that’s final.

The demand for this is HUGE and I’m simply not willing to play email tennis for 4 weeks while you can make your mind up.


Money loves speed!

Again, just so we’re clear, there’s no obligation for you to move forward, but you will have one chance and one chance only to do so, so please come prepared.

That might sound harsh but here’s what I promise in return…

I promise if we work together I will not waste one second of your time and I fully expect the same courtesy in return.

If you can’t or are unwilling to make a decision to move forward on the call IF this is right for you…I can’t work with you.

Like attracts like, so it’s best you know what I’m like now 🙂 I will be on time for the call. That is how I get the job done. With integrity in everything we do. So, please match me on this. Be on time for the call.

If you’re ready to take control of your business with LinkedIn lead generation, to take it to an altogether new level.

Everybody else, thank you for taking the time to give LinkedIn lead generation a good look. I love you and I wish you all the best 🙂

For those who are interested in exploring what’s possible from LinkedIn lead generation, book a call time with me on the scheduler below. Come prepared for the call from the outset, and let’s rock and roll!

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