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LinkedIn Lead GenLead Gen DFY LinkedIn B2B Managed Service

This is a LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation offer I am placing on Legiit.com shortly. I will palce the URL on here shortly.


LinkedIn Lead Gen As A DFY Managed Service is a rare and valuable service being offered.


Yes, We Will Create and Manage Your LinkedIn Lead Gen Campaigns


A proven way to generate all the qualified business inquiries you need on a consistent, reliable, cost effective basis.


With this service, you can Generate High Quality, Exclusive Business Inquiries for your Business.

A Done For You B2B Lead Gen Service

From this service a bi-product is that you can create and use a fresh new email database

In Summary You Will Receive:

  • A high volume of qualified business inquiries
  • The ability to control the numbers, more or less on demand.
  • Done for you services
  • Confidence and ability to grow your high end business services at will!

In my opinion, this is undoubtedly THE BEST direct marketing B2B Lead Gen offer available anywhere …

… at such a SILLY price

… and with results guaranteed*? (see below)



NB Like all other leads services, we deliver you the leads, and thereafter, please be clear, after delivering the leads, our job is done. The responsibility for following up and ultimately your sales results lies entirely with the skills of your sales team.



QUESTION: Does your business have the capacity to handle on average 3-5 new customers per week?

If so, then our LinkedIn Managed Service Is Ideal For You and Your Business!


Who Is This For?


This offer is strictly for B2B

Typically, companies who benefit from this service include:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • IT companies
  • Full Time Established Business Coaches with Mastermind Groups
  • Estate Agents
  • etc


You MUST be signed up to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Ideally, you will either have a full-time sales rep

or you are willing to take that aspect on as part of your role.


Ideal for those who have found that Adwords are too expensive

and Facebook is not where your high-level prospects hang out.


There is ZERO Ad Spend required for our strategies.

Just the Sales Navigator level of subscription within LinkedIn.


Included in the price will be:

Base level copy writing and creation of your messaging

Optimising your LinkedIn profile,

demographic research, campaign setup, CRM integration,

professional copy written email templates to follow up with

all responses, split testing multiple messages for each group.


Undoubted value!

LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Service

(THE most valuable of ALL lead generation services!)

for the month of June only,

you can get the full service for the crazy low price of




We will reach out to a minimum of 35 people per day

5 days per week (i.e. working weekdays only)

That’s the equivalent of talking to

more than 9,000 targeted qualified

niche-related prospects per year!

You simply cannot fail – GUARANTEED!


Click the Link below to Order NOW!

Go to Legiit and Sign up today!


Or contact Sam Deane:

Specialist Innovative New Methods for:

Lead Gen: A DFY LinkedIn B2B Managed Service
Call: 07765298718 For More Info.

Call Today. In fact, Buy Now!










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