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We Enhance Local Search Rankings and Increase Your Site's Online Presence with our Top-Level Specialist Expert GMB Optimization and Local Maps Methods

Times have changed. Citations alone no longer rank your listings. Over 50% of the very first page GMB properties have gone and now there are local search advertisements to worry about too! We decided that an all new method needed to be developed. We decided that it would be us. We would be the ones to make this happen.

So, We Bring You …!
The HealthMarketers Proven GMB Optimization Services This service is developed to grow your website's presence online, develop and grow the prominence of your brand name and increase your listing relevance.

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Citations – Hyperlinks -- Reviews - Geo-Tags - Reviews – And More …

We optimize the site based on addressing those local ranking factors that we have found do actually matter in 2018.

For example, Local Maps is ultra-valuable Page 1 property. We make sure that you treat it as such.

.....and for all those Go-It-Alone DIY company owner-warriors, (you know who you are!) I request that you stop doing that!

Your time is better spent doing the things that you are most competent at and let time-served expert online marketers do the things that we are skilled at!

Free Local SEO and Visibility Audit

Our Group:

At HealthMarketers, we have a team of experts in local maps optimization. We use a proprietary system developed to improve the ranking of your local business website. Each Google My Business SEO and Optimization campaign comes with a vast and fully comprehensive set of SEO techniques to work for Maps to produce real genuine local SERP results for you and your peace of mind.

As an entrepreneur in 2018, it is more about who you are BEING than exactly what you are DOING. Simply put ... Stop attempting to optimize those Google My Business listings yourself! You would be better off spending your time growing your company, carrying out tasks focused on scaling up the size of your organisation in the mid to long-term, rather than operating in the business. We encourage you to get your hands out the kitchen sink - be the leader that holds the vision, delegates, directs and is freed up enough to create your next company breakthrough. .

We Understand Local Search Algorithms

Since the roll-out of the GMB 3-pack program, nearly every GMB 3-pack case study conducted showed as many as 5 out 10 searchers click on the Google local maps results. This is a massive amount of traffic that is still being had by the businesses that are employing SEO specialists who are skilled enough to be in the top 3 positions for Google Local. HealthMarketers have the experience and knowledge to get your web properties into those top positions.

We have developed a team of experienced professionals and built a set of extensive standard operating procedures utilizing the latest local maps and search tactics. This indicates that you can let go of your concerns about how well your GMB set up is done. Take time instead to set about driving your organisation forward while we go about earning 100 to 300% ROI from your website’s placement in the 3-pack!

75% of Your Rivals Still Rely on Citations for 3-Pack Rankings.

We Blast Past Them Before They Know What’s Hit Them

Outsource your Google My Business to us here at HealthMarketers - If you put your GMB and Local Maps optimization in the hands of our HealthMarketers specialists we guarantee you that we will increase your site's online exposure.

Our proven strategic approach utilizes a range of techniques and strategies that have been created to increase a business's local online visibility. We do this by enhancing the brand's relevance and prominence. That is how we produce the results we do with your GMB and Local Maps. This is how we deliver off the scale ROI for you and your business.

Our Guarantee-- We Will Increase Your Site's Online Presence

Because we are so confident about our SEO and our Google My Business optimization and local Maps methods we offer a rock-solid guarantee with every project. This guarantee runs as follows:.

“We will increase your website's online visibility. While no one can ensure 3-pack rankings except for Google itself, (and we are not Google!) by far the largest majority of our 120-day and 180-day campaigns do result in our clients getting spots in the 3-pack.

We determine online presence in 2 ways:

1/ Utilizing our local SEO audit tool, we will improve your company’s presence on the top local listing sites like Google Maps, Bing Places and Yelp. We monitor visibility on all the top directory and review sites.


2/ We keep an eye on GMB Insights watching for increases in views, searches, and actions.

Why Outsource GMB Optimizations?

Grow Your Business

You have a choice. You can either do the work yourself, leaving you no time at all to actually grow your own business, or maybe you might consider spending an age and a day training a group of assistants to do it for you. Now, I’m sure that you do not want to be spending your time and money sourcing, interviewing, training and employing an additional team of employees in a completely different field to that of your core competency.

Instead of doing that, you can simply click the button below to request that we complete our high-quality, done for you solution. We have the systems and procedures in place to ensure you come out winning.

Why Use HealthMarketer's Google Maps and GMB Service?

Experience knowledge and understanding go a long way. We believe that there's most likely no firm in the world who can match our group's vast experience in all things GMB. Over 600 Google My Business campaigns completed in the past 2 years give us a remarkable advantage. That level of experience indicates that we can see which tactics are producing results and which do not. Add that to our continuous on-going screening in areas such as Google Authority Stacks, local link strategies, My Maps, semantic research studies, geo-local networks, which citations and directory sites actually matter and where and how to use your local keywords for relevancy, ... not to mention many other areas of our work that are designed to increase a brand name's relevance, prominence and online presence.

About ROI

Our core objective is to provide an ROI for you and your business. We care about each GMB listing we optimize. It is super important to us that we rank your site. We understand that this listing is most likely the lifeblood of your organisation. It has to be protected and nurtured to make sure your site rankings stick so they can produce a fantastic ROI for you and your organisation. The way we have structured the pricing of our work for you means that we can state categorically that it is worth every penny.

  • - Our Tactics Beat the Possum Filter
  • - Our Methods Overcome Proximity Limits
  • - We Guarantee We Will Increase Your Site’s Online Presence.
  • Since 2015, our Number1 GMB SEO Service Has Over 600 Effective Campaigns Worldwide.
  • Our Experience or Historic Data Is Second To None.
  • Available Now! Local On-Page Site Optimization!

More Exclusive Worth from Web 2.0 - Target Top 5 Local Keywords and Track Up to 25 Local Keyword Variations and LSI Terms.

How Our Optimization For Your Google My Business Works.

Now Available! Local On-Page Site Optimization.

Each month we complete campaigns according to our Local SEO Flowchart and Gantt chart. According to whichever option you choose, whether it be 60, 120, or 180-days, our team will work their way through our extensive local SEO system for each and every listing.

Our service consists of GMB listing optimization strategies designed to increase the brand's relevance for niche and location-based keywords and to increase their prominence online as compared to competing listings. As well as the listing optimization, we perform a good number of specialist off-page tactics that also generate increased local relevancy and high levels of prominence for your brand.

As we work through the outstanding tasks, you can follow along watching the development in real-time with your access to the project workbook. We keep an eye on your keywords for you. We also supply a view-key so you can see how your rankings are doing at a glance. We are super-accountable in that literally every deliverable that we promise comes with a detailed report for you so you have 100% complete direct access to the results as they happen.

  • A Few of the Benefits of HealthMarketers' GMB Optimization
  • We Apply A Powerful Process That Has Been Developed By Our Team of Testers Over 100's of Campaigns
  • We Guarantee To Boost Your Site’s Online Visibility
  • We Are A Team of Experts In Maps. You Can Rely On Us
  • We Remove your Need for Personal or Staff GMB Training
  • Because Results Matter

We have developed a holistic GMB optimization procedure that integrates innovative listing optimization, off-page relevance, local brand building and brand prominence techniques that are guaranteed to increase the visibility for your site.

Our Guarantee to You

Our Google My Business SEO 120-Day and 180-Day Campaigns will increase your online visibility by the completion of the campaign or we will give you another campaign for free. .

Our Easy 4-Step System to Improve Local Rankings.


Take Your Pick

Choose the package and options that are best suited to your niche and competition.


Submit Information

Complete a basic onboarding form. (This will take about 8 minutes)


Our Team Goes to Work.

A total Local GMB SEO and visibility campaign gets started.


Your Business Starts To Grow

We deal with all aspects of fulfilment so you can get on with making money for your business.

It really is as simple as that.

Your GMB Ranking Campaigns Start Here!

60 Day Optimization

for entry level and low-comp markets

₤ 299 x 2payments

Total Listing Optimization

GMB Photos and Posts

Citations and Branded Accounts

G+ Photos and Articles

Press Release and My Map

Now with Data Aggregators

Main Citations and 25 more Brand name Accounts

Get the #1 DFY GMB SEO


180 Day GMB Optimization

The Greatest Impact for high-comp markets

180 Day GMB Optimization

Highest impact for high-comp markets

₤ 299 x 6payments

All 60 and 120 Day Tasks PLUS:

GMB Website Development

More Secondary Citations


Specific Niche Networks

Local On-Page Optimization

Store Locator, Map Embed, JSON Schema


All 60-Day and 120-Day Tasks

GMB Website Creation

More Secondary Citations

Shop Locator

Map Embed

JSON Schema

Local On-Page Optimization


Specific Niche Networks

Designed to Dominate Google Maps


120 Day Optimization

ideal for mid-comp markets

₤ 299 x 4payments

All 60 Day Projects Include:

GPS Listings and More Citations.

Authority Brand Network

Apple Maps and Bing Set-Up

Rich Media and My Map Citations

Google Sites Authority Stack

Places Map Embeds and DAS Tiers

600+ GMB Optimizations and Counting