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Exactly what are Facebook ads?

If you want your business to prosper from its presence online, you seriously need to be employing Facebook ads. Either learn to do this yourself, or employ someone from your company to do this. For good reason, most growing businesses prefer instead to look to top rated professionals to get this most important of jobs down.

Facebook ads have become a really popular tool that makes it easy for your organisation to find your audience and sell to them directly. As you cannot fail to have noticed over the last few years, Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. More than 1.4 billion active users visit the social network on a daily basis. They arrive via their PCs, phones and tablets every day. No wonder so many people are falling over themselves to use this medium as a way to reach their audience.

HealthMarketers are experts at delivering successful ROI from Facebook ad campaigns of all shapes and sizes for both local and high-end global businesses. Our clients are found not just in London or even necessarily within the UK, but globally as a result of the great results we are getting for them.

Why use Facebook ads?

There are more than 1.4 billion people using Facebook at any given moment. Facebook ads will show your content to this social network’s audience. Ads like yours are posted more than 900 million times per day.

With Facebook ads, you can produce targeted advertisements, allowing you to carefully pick the individuals who see your ads. You can reach various audiences at once in various different ways depending on the campaign that you’re running.

With Facebook ads, you can hook your products, services and offers to your most ideal prospects, the most likely people to buy from you. This social media platform can support you in your efforts to reach out to your ideal targeted customers, to present them with the high points within your store, site, blog, or other online propertied.

Facebook ads allow you to choose the type of people you wish to reach and show your content to. This makes your advertisements more relevant, because you are reaching the ideal individuals, people who are already thinking about your products and services.

Facebook ads can be seen on mobile gadgets, tablets and smart devices to discover, interact and go shopping more than ever, due to the fact that they’re so available and easy to access.

With this tool for mobile devices, you can have your project controlled easily and comfortably by getting the statistics of your posts and making more ads. These ads can be seen by the more than 700 million people that log into Facebook every day on their tablets, phones, etc.

People seeing your Facebook ads can get directions to your shop, buy something there, download your app if they like it, see your videos, include a product to a shopping cart or take any action on your website. Your ads are positioned in the stream of info that people see on Facebook, so they’re most likely to act.

Facebook ads are great for you if you are the SME or business owner because they update you on how your advertisements are performing and how your budget is spent. You can visit the Ads Supervisor for managing your advertisements and check your efficiency. You can likewise use the Ads Manager app.

How Facebook ads Work?

Individuals use Facebook to discover what’s new with their friends, family and work colleagues. It relates the user to things they care about by showing pictures, videos, and info posts, so you can at any moment post one of the numerous sources of content for them.

When individuals like your Page, their friends are most likely to be interested in what you have to say. How do they do this? Facebook suggests you to individuals that might be interested in your material, and they can also see if one of your good friends likes your page, so you’ll get recommended.

You’ll end up being relevant the minute that Facebook begins showing your advertisements to all the ideal people that may be interested in your material, your software, blog site, or anything you have based on their age, gender, place, interests and much more.

Because users get used to seeing so many calls to action, Facebook’s platform offers very actionable ads. Facebook ads can send the perfect individuals to your site or app, and thereby effortlessly they increase your sales.

When your friends and other people like your Page, Facebook can help you naturally receive social likes to your page. These people will be most likely to be interested in exactly what you have to offer after inspecting your shared pictures, posts and videos.

Facebook allows you to fulfil on your customer’s needs. You can get brand-new people into your store, interact with them, choose the audience you want and examine the results of your advertisements, all in one location.

I hope from the above you can clearly see why, if you haven’t started already, you really need to begin using Facebook ads as soon as possible!

What can you get out of using with Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads offer you numerous ways to achieve successful advertising campaigns. Let’s take a look under the proverbial bonnet to inspect the tools found on Facebook that are ideal for companies to achieve stellar marketing results. These tools are there specifically for you, to assist your businesses to grow tremendously and to guarantee you a lot more opportunities, get more traffic, and to increase your customer base, all with just a couple of clicks.

Page Post Engagement Ads

When you run a Page Post Engagement Advertisement, it will reach more individuals and get them to see, like, talk about or share your page on Facebook, assisting you in reaching not just your customers, but also your customers good friends. This is more organic traffic, keeping them up to date depending on their geo-location, area, age, gender and interests. By doing this you can engage those individuals with subsequent posts to reach your business goals faster.

Page Like Ads

When people like your Page, their buddies are more most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Make project Ads that can be shared on the main page of every person you reach on Facebook. When their buddies like your advertisements, you’ll get more likes to your page, and it is a terrific way to increase local traffic to your page.

Clicks to Website Ads

On Facebook you can run an advertisement that can be featured with a photo or a video and you can even add special buttons for your audience to ‘Discover more’ or to ‘Go to the Store’. Running an advertisement to drive more people to your website is an excellent way for individuals to discover the product or services that you’re offering.

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Website Conversions

You may track certain actions to your sites with Site Conversion ads, due to the fact that they permit you to create a Pixel to contribute to your Site. When you’re ready, copy the code and paste it within the <Head> and </Head> lines on your page, save and exit. Save this and exit. You can also send out the HTML code to a 3rd party. You can begin writing as people show up on your site’s pages.

App Install and Engagement Ads

You might run an Advertisement for your App, so people can see it in their newsfeed, install it and thereby grow your user base. They simply must click your Ad to make it immediately available to use on their PCs, Android or iOS mobile phones.

Event Response Ads

With an event response ad, you can let people know about your special event, your grand opening, your business’s anniversary party or any other type of event by using the Facebook Ad tool. When someone clicks your Event Ad, they can opt to either sign up for the occasion or click to find out more about it.

When this info is updated by Facebook, you can start tracking the traffic.

Offer Claim Ads

Your potential audience can claim your offers, so you can motivate clients to go to your store by offering them a discount or a special offer that they can get from your website.

Simply pick the best audience and set the terms, like the number of individuals who can claim it and the length of time the offer will last. In this way you can easily grow your business exponentially.

Video Views

A quite recent development means that you can now promote videos inside of Facebook that show ‘insider’ film, consumer stories or product launches to raise awareness for your brand. Select a thumbnail for your audience to see or add a description. You can do all this from your own Facebook business web page.

Local Awareness Ads

Conventional ways of advertising simply cannot reach clients the way Facebook can. For example, Local Awareness Ads can help you teach people about your brick and mortar company, whether in. your local regional location or all other locations according to whatever you set up on Facebook, at any given time.

The Carousel Format

The Carousel format is particularly popular because it enables you to promote whatever what you want in an interactive way, at low cost. Employ a single-image or a video. Your ad will resemble a story, and this story will gradually develop across each carousel card. You can showcase several items with one single advertisement or tell your story directly.

Dynamic Ads

With these advertisements, you can concentrate on your more pertinent products and advertise them to people who know you. Target those members of the general public who you know have been to your website, your mobile app, or your Facebook or Instagram networks.

Slideshow Ads

These advertisements are lighter than a typical video. They are simple to absorb for the person who is watching them. You don’t always need to watch a long video to understand who you are, and understand your story, so you will connect quickly with the public to achieve your marketing objectives.

Lead Ads

Facebook’s Lead Ads are fast and personal. They provide a way for your audience to sign up and get information from companies such as quotes, offers and newsletters. You can totally personalise your form with open-ended questions, several option questions and contact fields to gather the information that is most important for your business.

People can fill these types of forms in with the info from their Facebook profiles.

Canvas Ads

Last, but not least, canvas ads create an effective interactive method by which you can tell your brand’s story using a combination of videos, images and call-to-action buttons. It enables the user to take a fun journey through a carousel of images, seeing panoramic images, then maybe zooming them in and out check the details. Showcase your products with canvas ads and maintain complete creative control over it to attain any objective.

Facebook ads – Conclusion:

Facebook remains el numero uno, top banana, the big cheese of all today’s social media platforms for marketing your business. By far the majority of marketers are employing some form of Facebook advertising campaign for their clients … and no wonder. There are so many good reasons to use Facebook ads.

The primary reason for its huge success is that it has never been cheaper to build your brand and develop whole new areas of demand for your products and services than by using Facebook ads.

In short, if you aren’t already advertising on Facebook, you’d be crazy not to get started as soon as possible. Running a business without effective marketing is like trying to write with both hands tied behind your back. If they have to invest in marketing and advertising in particular, then most people worry about getting a good deal. As you can see, there are so many ways of effectively running Facebook ads. The audience is all there for you, easily identifiable within this one platform. The results are so effective. For all these reasons and so many more, if you want to grow your business like crazy in 2018, 2019, and no doubt on into the 2020’s, then Facebook ads is your first place to go.


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Of course, once you have discovered an excellent reliable firm whose efforts have brought you bigger revenues, you are going to wish to establish a long term relationship with them.

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