Digital Marketing: Avoid These Things To Take Your Website to the Next Level

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Here are 5 mistakes to not fall into if your goal is to win at business via your online presence. Easy done but this article hopefully will be a forewarning, or maybe even a reminder. Don’t do it!

1. Having no strategy

The world of digital marketing can be a confusing and tough place, and so getting things right isn’t always easy. In order to be effective, it is needed to have a clear strategy and take constant action regularly. If you’re aiming to take your digital marketing to the next level, here are 5 common mistakes to avoid …

To be effective, business owners and marketing managers need to get clear on what they desire to attain with their digital marketing efforts. After that, ideally the marketer can put together a realistic plan for attaining their goals. Don’t attempt to do anything without fully understanding WHY you are doing it and WHAT you desire to accomplish.

Maybe the biggest mistake businesses make as pertains to digital marketing is having no clear strategy in place. Thinking you can just create a site, toss up a Facebook page then just wish for the best is the approach of a loser. Take some time to plan your work. Then work your plan, dude!

2/ Stop attempting to do everything

We know you are great already. There is nothing to prove. Therefore, can you see that it is a big mistake, nay a HUGE mistake, to try and do everything yourself. Why not take the weight off instead? Sit down. get on the phone. Contract out tasks, or partner with an experienced digital marketing freelancer or firm (if you can afford to). Joint ventures are all over the place these days. Its the way to go, so get involved!

Lots of businesses attempt to take advantage of all the opportunities digital marketing deals without to start with prioritizing exactly what would work best for their individual company. It is better to start little, find out what works and then expand your strategy from there.

3/ Failing to take consistent focused targeted massive action

This might seem quite daunting, but believe me. Once you have got your plans in place, it’s like you are just colouring in between the pre-drawn lines.

A big mistake many individuals make with digital marketing is not taking this consistent action. You just have to look on the net and see the number of inactive company Facebook pages or out-dated sites to see that this is really so. It’s not enough simply to do some digital marketing for a few weeks and after that expect to see effective outcomes. You really need to take consistent action over the long-lasting period of time. Don’t be put off. Nothing of value happens overnight, except the really valuable things that happen between 7pm and 7am on any give 24-hour time period.

4/ Putting out poor quality content

If you are engaging with content marketing (and you really should do), constantly ensure that the material you are putting out is both beneficial and actually relevant to your target market. Numerous organisations think that ‘content marketing’ implies making a blog post that contains one ‘helpful’ suggestion then babbles off into a long, dull sales letter. Make certain that the material you put out is of great quality! Do put a call to action at the end, but dont make it be all about the call to action. In other words, stop selling. Start being of assistance instead!

5/ Not tracking your efforts

In order to be successful with digital marketing, you have to continuously track your results so that you can enhance and fine-tune your strategy over time. If you do not track your results, how will you understand when you’ve achieved. Without tracking, how will you know you are any closer to your goal?

The answer is – just track your outcomes. You are doing a lot of work. By not tracking the results you are incrementally increasing the work you need to do not tenfold, not hundred fold, but almost by infinity.

If you know what is working, than you just stop everything and do the stuff that is working. Stop blindly re-inventing the wheel. Track, test, adjust, improve until you win.

Last bonus point … The game does not end until you win

Prevent these above-mentioned marketing errors and you’ll be ahead of the majority of your rivals. Drive it home. As Frank Sinatra once said, “The best for of revenge is massive success”. It all happens by avoing doing the dumb ass stuff and instead putting in the good shit.

You know it makes sense. So now go do it people!

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