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Hello. My name is Sam Deane and I would like to welcome you to our website’s About Us page.  At HealthMarketers, we’re a business on a mission and right now our mission is to support you. Ok let’s try saying that in just four words … it’s all about you!

This website is not about me. It’s not about my team of experts. It’s not about the whistles or the bells. Not about the tools or even the techniques that will get you the results you are seeking from your most trusted digital marketing agency. This page, like this business, is all about you.

I want to show you who I am by showing you what our company can do for you. My intention is that you will benefit from what you learn here, that you gain value from your time with us and that you see a direct return on your investment, both financially and in terms of your personal growth.

Since the dawn of time, people have used data to make more informed business decisions. Our mission at HealthMarketers is to provide effective digital marketing to those who want to take their businesses and their careers on a radical upward trajectory.

HealthMarketers is a successful London-based global digital marketing agency. We are a digital marketing company that specialises in delivering stellar results for unstoppable winners such as yourself. We are practical marketers. We are sticklers for detail and we are winners too. We don’t settle for less.

We offer an informative website and an even more useful set of marketing products that are designed to help you get more business success via consistent, reliable delivery of high quality targeted leads and/or more traffic and sales to your website.

The quality of our content is indicative of the authority of our website and our agency. This page and this website in general is just another way we hope to deliver real value to you.

… But enough about us. Let’s talk about you!

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Whether you own a business or manage the marketing budget for your employer, you need a digital marketing agency that takes care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on your job. With HealthMarketers, you can let my team of skilled time-served professionals do what we are passionate about doing, so you can do what you are best skilled at doing. In this way, you can quickly become outright winners in your field if you are not already.

I hope our site can become an effective guide and support for you as a business owner and marketer. Please feel free to tweet, Like and share our content. We hope our web content supports your business so you can move to the next level in your business growth.

We believe that anything is possible, so, please do not feel shy in coming forward to discuss even the most outrageous of proposals. All great inventions begin as a crazy idea, so don’t be shy! Get in touch and we can start planning how to bring this precious thought of your into existence in glorious technicolour!

I want to show you how you can get the most out of the site and our content.

Right about now you might be looking for some social proof, testimonials and other authenticity statements together with some mentions of past successes, achievements, social proof, etc.

OK well let’s just say, for now, that this is new agency so I must refer to an SEO company that I also run. As I said, I have been working online for a long time now. Yes, before setting up this digital marketing agency, I performed top quality SEO, delivering return on investment for many types of (mainly local) businesses.

If you would like reassurances that I know what I am doing, let me not take up too much of your time. Here is an example of my site ranking at Number One for one of the most hotly contested keywords in the world.

SEO ranking

Take a look at the above search engine rankings. Closer inspection will reveal that the sites above mine are all paid ads. My site, SEOBuildAndRank.co.uk is ranking at Number One for the term – SEO consultant London – Looking in to the finer detail reveals further that this term is hotly contested and competed over. Indeed, over 2 million website owners are trying to rank for this term. Only one can be at Number 1 though! Enough said, I think you will agree.

I could go on over and over with examples such as this, but you’ve seen that all before. You’ll probably think I have faked the results on photoshop anyway so lets not take up anyone’s time there (further info required if requested of course!) As I was saying, this site is not about me. It is about you and your needs.

So lets talk … what do you need from me and my team of experts? Of course, we got FB ad management, we got SEO, and 3-pack local SEO, video marketing, the best press release distribution in the known universe, natural organic traffic delivered regular as clockwork, and we even got some unique special one-off offers that we can’t possibly mention here (or else you’d all want one!)

facebook specialistTo the right you will see a recent screenshot of a video we created for HealthMarketers. As you will see, we are ranking number one for the term – Facebook specialist London. I dont want to bore you with more and more of these screengrabs. What you want to see is YOUR site ranking up there. To get that, you need to contact us so we can make that ar eality for you, sooner rather than later.

If you got an itch, we know how to scratch it. You got a pain and we have the plaster, and the pain relief too. That is what we do. Our attention is entirely over there with you. Our primary goal is to deliver better than expected results for our clients, to deliver a radical return on investment and why not … lets all have fun while we are doing it. Why don’t we?!

So, if you are up for winning the game of business and you would like to have fun while you are making it happen, call us today. Let us know how we can best of of assistance to you. We love to serve and our results speak for themselves.

So cue the old addage .. Don’t delay. Call today!

All the best

Tel: 07765 298718